Treat yourself or give as a gift. All home decor accessories are handcrafted by American artisans. We can make custom versions and sizes for you.

  • In American Rustic, author Chase Reynolds Ewald and photographer Audrey Hall explore rustic homes from western ranches to Adirondack camps. It was named one of the 14 best home design books of 2015 by Architectural Digest. This author has been delighting fans of rustic and western decor for more than 25 years. Her essays on the homes are enhanced by Audry Hall's detailed photos, bringing these homes to life as you go through the pages. Order from and have your copy personally signed by the author. In the Order Notes box at checkout indicate if you'd like just her signature or any additional text.
  • Browse our curated selection of books about many styles of rustic decor, from cabins to ranches to modern. These are photo-rich coffee table quality books that will inspire dreams and conversations. [button size="medium" style="primary" text="View Books" link="" target=""]
  • Get the latest book by rustic expert Chase Reynolds Ewald, personally signed by the author. With stunning photos by Audrey Hall, this volume makes a perfect coffee table book for your home or a thoughtful gift for another rustic decor fan. In the Order Notes box at checkout indicate if you'd like just her signature or any additional text.
  • This rustic mirror is framed with alternating sections of hair-on-hide and leather with nail head trim.

    Can be made to any size.
  • These rustic Christmas stockings are handmade in Wyoming. Each one will be different but the craftsman will select a hide that is predominantly light or dark, your choice. Brown lacing all around. The reverse side is a coordinating leather color. You can mix and match cowhide colors and the direction that the toe is pointing when hung. 16" long
  • At nearly 6' across, this beautiful made in the USA cowhide Christmas tree skirt will set off your tree like no other. (Most others are only 4' across.) Stitched from multiple different hair-on-hide patterns for an authentic rustic look. Closes with snaps for easy set up and to open for adding water to your tree stand. Available with 6 or 12 sections.
  • Cribbage boards might look complex but it is actually an easy game to learn. The object of the game is to go around the two tracks (or rows) the same way a horse goes around an oval in a horse race, completing the circuits before your opponent does. Our handcrafted cribbage boards are made out of mesquite wood inlayed with turquoise. There are two styles, 2 player and 4 player. Both come with a deck of cards and the appropriate number of pegs, and have rubber feet and a magnetic clasp to hold the storage lid shut. The two player board is 15”x4-1/2”, the four player board is 15-3/4”x5”.
  • Instant drama! Imagine seeing this mirror as you enter the house. Or treat it like a piece of artwork on a living room wall. Order painted or unpainted for a more natural look, in any shape or size you need
  • Christmas stockings made to last a lifetime. Big and sturdy enough that you can actually fill them with little gifts. Each one is handcrafted from extra thick leather with a cowhide insert design and decorative curlicue stitching. Very high quality and made with pride and care by a husband and wife team of ranchers from South Dakota. Choose from 5 designs: star, heart, Christmas tree, angel or cross. To add personalized name tags order here. Custom designs, like your ranch brand, can be ordered here.
  • Used by chefs the world over, End Grain Cutting Boards have a distinct advantage over other types of cutting boards. The surface of an end grain cutting board is made up of the end sides of many pieces of wood. Wood fibers in this design run vertically throughout the board, so when cutting, the wood fibers don't get severed, allowing scratches to heal and be less visible. Also, your knives will stay sharper much longer. Available in 3 sizes and 5 types of wood with a dark walnut border. All 4 sides include inlaid turquoise and finger holes for easy lifting. Non-marring rubber feet protect your counter or tabletop.  
  • Fly Tying Cabinets

    The ultimate gift that any fly fisherman dreams of. Art and craftsmanship are combined with function in the creation of these highly organized fly tying cabinets. Add a beautiful conversation piece to your environment while organizing  and storing all of your fly tying tools and material in one location. These custom fly tying cabinets are finely crafted from the finest imported and domestic hardwoods. With over 150 hours of work in each box and many unique one-of-a-kind details they truly are heirlooms that will be passed down from generation to generation. FEATURES: Five coat hand rubbed polyurethane finish inside and out; ensuring a timeless, durable finish that begs to be touched. The doors, drawers, and boxes are constructed with hand dovetailed corners ensuring strength and durability that highlights the fine craftsmanship that was used creating these unique works of art. All drawers are contained in solid wood dust aprons ensuring your material stays in place and is not lost within the cabinet.  This also eliminates drawer glide mechanisms that waste space and wear out in time. Drawer pulls are custom made and recessed adding more usable space to the cabinets design.
    All drawers are contained in solid wood dust aprons ensuring your material stays in place and is not lost within the cabinet.  This also eliminates drawer glide mechanisms that waste space and wear out in time. Each cabinet contains a spool crib to organize tread and wire that is constructed from select Spanish cedar.  The cribs in the two larger cabinets hold up to 72 spools while the smaller cabinets crib holds up to 49 spools. Removable hook/bead bins constructed from Spanish cedar will organize those small parts that can easily be dropped or lost. Each bin contains 4 compartments as well as a hollowed out bowl with a rounded magnetic bottom to hold hooks or beads being used during tying. A sliding dovetail lid keeps everything safely in place and organized when not in use.  The two larger cabinets have 6 bins and the smaller cabinet has 4 bins. Removable storage racks securely hold flies in an originally designed magnetic slot while they dry during tying sessions.  They can then be safely stored in the cabinet until it is time to use them. Cabinet doors contain customized storage racks to safely store equipment while not in use. Each cabinet has a drawer large enough to hold a vice and all its components. All drawers contain a removable liner constructed from select Spanish cedar designed to repel feather mites and other parasites, protecting  valuable materials until they are ready for use. Cabinets have non-scratching rubber feet as well as hand mortised polished solid brass finger grabs to assist in moving. (Not recommended for transporting the cabinet.) Read more hidden text
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    See below for dimensions and wood species.
  • Professional bakers and experienced home bakers always reach for this French of rolling pin. With its tapered ends it's a pleasure to work with and control the amount of pressure on the dough. Inlaid with crushed turquoise, and has a hole to hang for display. 19-1/2" long
  • Our cowhide Christmas stockings can be customized with other designs, including the brand artwork for your ranch, paw prints for your pup's own stocking, each person's initial and more. The setup charge is $40. Use the link for custom design to add that to your cart. You can email your artwork to [email protected] or we can create a design for you.
  • Your friends won’t be staring at themselves in this mirror, they’ll be gazing at the beautiful design and workmanship of the mirror itself.  Shown here as an oval in tan leather, but can be made in any color or shape, with or without fringe and embellishments.  Have fun and design your own one-of-a-kind mirror.
  • 17" x 17" leather front and back, natural edge flap on front, long fringe on 2 sides
  • Leather table runner with fringe and decorative tacks. 52" long  
  • It's the little touches that make a guest in your home feel pampered: a vase of fresh flowers; soft, fluffy towels; and a luggage rack so they don't have to sit on the floor to get to their clothes. Ours is designed with inlaid turquoise and straps made out of real cowhide for an updated and sophisticated look.
  • Brighten any room with this fun and colorful mirror.  Go bold with the multicolor version as shown, or request one or more specific colors to match your decor.  
  • Our leather and cowhide Christmas stockings can be personalized as well.  Names are stamped into leather, which can be attached in 2 ways: with rivets at the top of the stocking front, or attached to the hang tab at the top of the stocking. Include list of names in the Order Notes box during checkout. $10 per name tag  
  • If your preference is for a more modern rustic style, this book by author Chase Reynolds Ewald and photographer Audrey Hall will be sure to inspire you. Peek inside a wide variety of rustic modern private homes from throughout the American west. Includes detailed perspectives from the homeowners, architects, and designers who brought these diverse spaces to life. Order from and have your copy personally signed by the author. In the Order Notes box at checkout indicate if you'd like just her signature or any additional text.
  • Use this listing to order custom designs, such as your ranch brand, for your Cowhide Christmas Stockings. Send artwork to [email protected]
  • Made with mesquite wood for its superb hardness and inlaid with crushed turquoise stone. Each board is unique based on the grain of the wood which is used to determine where the turquoise is placed. Too beautiful to keep hidden in a cabinet! Hang or lean it against the wall on the back of your counter to enjoy every day. Approx. 18" x 8" Available with straight edges or natural (slightly curved) edges, with and without hole for hanging.
  • These popular wooden cheese slicing boards make it a cinch to cut through blocks o cheese. Simply press the pivoting wire cutter right through the cheese for a smooth clean slice every time. The board is large enough to put crackers and other goodies on it. Available in 2 styles: Rain Cloud is 12" x 6" with a wood marquetry and turquoise design Mesquite is 9" x 6" and features 5 circles filled with crushed turquoise stone  
  • Elevate your Chinese takeout with these sleek wooden chopsticks that feature three dots of inlaid genuine crushed turquoise. Available in 4 different woods, 9-1/2" long. Each pair comes with a matching decorative box.
  • This line of handcrafted utensils is made from hard mesquite wood for its strength and beauty.  Ergonomic designs and the 4 dot turquoise inlay make these a pleasure to use. Check out the coffee scoop. It's made with a slit so you can slide it over a folded bag of coffee to keep it closed and fresh. Each one has a small hole at the end so you can hang them for display. $30-35 each or any 3 for $90
  • An ikebana vase is the easiest way to turn a single bloom into a stunning display, no flower arranging skills required. The pronged flower frog inside will hold the stem in the position you place it. Even flowers from basic grocery store bouquets look impressive when displayed in this vase.
  • These solid wood marquetry cutting and serving boards will inspire ooohs and aaaahs at your next party, and look beautiful on display any other time. Each one is made with multiple types of wood laminated together and inlaid with genuine turquoise stone. Choose from either cherry (warm reddish brown) or walnut (dark brown) for the main wood type. Use decorated side for serving and reverse side for everyday cutting tasks. Every board comes with a complimentary bottle of Howard's cutting board oil, our favorite for keeping your wood board looking like new.
  • Elegant wood marquetry boxes with turquoise inlay have so many uses:
    • Jewelry box
    • Momento holder
    • Remote holder
    • Sewing box
    • Ashes urn
    All boxes have handmade hinges and the corners are dovetailed by hand. Beautifully finished on the inside as well. Each box is elevated on wooden feet. Available in 3 woods: cherry, mesquite with cholla cactus, or walnut. 6-3/4” x 2-3/4 x 3-3/4” high, plus feet
  • You'll no longer need to reach across the table or keep saying "Please pass the salt" with one of these decorative lazy susans in the middle of your table. Handcrafted in combinations of cherry or walnut with inlaid turquoise. Available in 3 sizes from 12" to 20". Every lazy susan comes with a complimentary bottle of Howard's cutting board oil, our favorite for keeping the wood looking like new.
  • Enjoy the flicker of candlelight with a lamp oil "candle" made from a variety of colored woods.

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