• Made with mesquite wood for its superb hardness and inlaid with crushed turquoise stone. Each board is unique based on the grain of the wood which is used to determine where the turquoise is placed. Too beautiful to keep hidden in a cabinet! Hang or lean it against the wall on the back of your counter to enjoy every day. Approx. 18" x 8" Available with straight edges or natural (slightly curved) edges, with and without hole for hanging.
  • Elevate your Chinese takeout with these sleek wooden chopsticks that feature three dots of inlaid genuine crushed turquoise. Available in 4 different woods, 9-1/2" long. Each pair comes with a matching decorative box.
  • Professional bakers and experienced home bakers always reach for this French of rolling pin. With its tapered ends it's a pleasure to work with and control the amount of pressure on the dough. Inlaid with crushed turquoise, and has a hole to hang for display. 19-1/2" long
  • These popular wooden cheese slicing boards make it a cinch to cut through blocks o cheese. Simply press the pivoting wire cutter right through the cheese for a smooth clean slice every time. The board is large enough to put crackers and other goodies on it. Available in 2 styles: Rain Cloud is 12" x 6" with a wood marquetry and turquoise design Mesquite is 9" x 6" and features 5 circles filled with crushed turquoise stone  
  • You'll no longer need to reach across the table or keep saying "Please pass the salt" with one of these decorative lazy susans in the middle of your table. Handcrafted in combinations of cherry or walnut with inlaid turquoise. Available in 3 sizes from 12" to 20". Every lazy susan comes with a complimentary bottle of Howard's cutting board oil, our favorite for keeping the wood looking like new.
  • These solid wood marquetry cutting and serving boards will inspire ooohs and aaaahs at your next party, and look beautiful on display any other time. Each one is made with multiple types of wood laminated together and inlaid with genuine turquoise stone. Choose from either cherry (warm reddish brown) or walnut (dark brown) for the main wood type. Use decorated side for serving and reverse side for everyday cutting tasks. Every board comes with a complimentary bottle of Howard's cutting board oil, our favorite for keeping your wood board looking like new.
  • This line of handcrafted utensils is made from hard mesquite wood for its strength and beauty.  Ergonomic designs and the 4 dot turquoise inlay make these a pleasure to use. Check out the coffee scoop. It's made with a slit so you can slide it over a folded bag of coffee to keep it closed and fresh. Each one has a small hole at the end so you can hang them for display. $30-35 each or any 3 for $90

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