Buying Artisan Crafted Furniture Online


If you have never purchased a piece of high-end quality furniture online before, you may have some concerns.  That’s not unusual. However, online purchases of furniture have grown exponentially over the past 10 years, and it’s now a common practice because it can be done successfully and with excellent results.  

One of the reasons I created Rustic Artistry was to make quality, creative rustic chic furniture easier to find and purchase.  Because I work with individual or small group suppliers only, their furniture can’t be found in your local furniture store.  You also have many more options for customization when purchasing from the actual artisan, as opposed to a piece that’s manufactured by the hundreds from a big corporation.

In order to make buying a piece of unique, artisan-crafted furniture online a success, good communication is key.  If you see a piece on the website that you love just the way it is, then you can order it immediately through the secure shopping cart.  Your piece will be made as close as physically possible to the photo, taking into account that the natural materials used will have some variations.

If you see something that you are interested in but not exactly as shown, that’s when the fun begins and we create a custom piece of furniture just for you.  The first step is to contact me via email, text or phone to discuss what you have in mind.  I then speak with  the artisan to confirm feasibility and get a general idea of price.  We will have several more conversations to finalize details, and you may receive swatches or sketches for approval.  In some cases an initial deposit will be required for the design work if it is extensive.  Once the order is finalized I will create a custom listing for you to place your order.  Custom furniture can take 16-24 weeks to complete. Because I only work with independent craftsmen, they do all the work themselves, and are more focused on the quality than the quantity of their work. I will keep you in the loop during the building process.  

If you appreciate the unique features of one-of-a-kind handcrafted furniture and decor, I encourage you to shop online and promise to make it a rewarding experience that you’ll look forward to doing again.

Have a question?

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