All of the artisans whose work you see on Rustic Artistry are located in the United States.  While there are very talented artisans from other countries whose work would be a good fit for Rustic Artistry, I decided to do what I can to help American craftsmen have successful businesses so they can continue to grace us with their skill and creativity.  The artisans are located all around the country which allows a variety of rustic styles to be represented, from Adirondack to Western, Northwoods to Southwestern, and variations in between.

Each one of these artisans has been carefully vetted to ensure they meet Rustic Artistry’s high quality and creativity standards.

The advantage of buying a piece created by an American artisan is that you know it was made by someone who loves what they do and takes pride in each piece.  You can’t count on that with furniture and decor that is made in mass quantity on an assembly line.   

I thank you for joining me in supporting these hardworking craftsmen and the work ethic they represent.