Molesworth Furniture
The Original Western Style

Examples of Molesworth furniture from

Thomas Molesworth built furniture from 1931 to 1961 at his shop in Cody, Wyoming and many of the wealthy and prestigious leaders of that time were his customers. Newspaper publisher Moses Annenberg liked it so much that he commissioned a whopping 245 pieces for his ranch in Wyoming. The Rockefeller ranch in Jackson, Wyoming, and U.S. President Eisenhower’s house in Pennsylvania also featured Molesworth’s furniture.

Demand for originals built by this iconic western designer shows no sign of declining. In fact, the prices paid at a Sotheby’s auction in 2018 were frequently even higher than the anticipated bids.  Watch this short video from Sotheby’s to see some of the auction items and the prices they sold for.

At the Christie’s auction house in 2012, this pair of original Molesworth club chairs sold for $80,500. That price seems even more amazing when you look at how beat up they are. Clearly these chairs supported quite a few dusty cowboy bottoms in their day!

Original Molesworth club chairs Christie's auction

At the same auction this Molesworth sofa sold for $25,000, the matching set of chairs went for $22,500 and the small leather and wood coffee table fetched $20,000.

While Molesworth originals may be priced out of reach for most people, this classic Western style is still accessible thanks to craftsmen who continue his legacy.

One of the country’s top Molesworth specialists has partnered with Rustic Artistry to build expertly constructed Molesworth furniture reproductions

Here are several examples of an original Molesworth next to our meticulously crafted reproductions:

an original Thomas Molesworth club chair with burl legs

An original Molesworth club chair

Original Molesworth two tier side table

Original Molesworth two tier side table

Thomas Molesworth reproduction club chair

Our reproduction Molesworth club chair

reproduction of Molesworth two tier side table

Our version of Molesworth two tier side table

Interior designers often choose Molesworth style furnishings for their lodge and ranch projects because they add lively color and pattern, and they never go out of style. They are characterized by a combination of features including:

* Vertical pole detailing

* Silhouettes of cowboys, Indians or wildlife carved into the wood

* Wood burls – chunky rounded outgrowths on tree trunks and roots

* Large brass tacks

* Native American motifs

* Brightly colored leather and chimayo weaving

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