Lamp Shade Size Guide

Lamp shade size guide

It’s important that you get the proper size lamp shade for your lamp and that you use the appropriate size harp so that you don’t see the lamp hardware below the bottom of the shade. Our handcrafted lamp shades come in four standard sizes  that will work very nicely on most lamps.

Lamp Shades have three measurements:

Top Diameter: the measurement across the top.

Bottom Diameter: the measurement across the bottom

Slant height: the measurement from the top of the shade to the bottom measured on the angle of the shade.

If you are replacing a shade on a lamp that the current size works well, these are the measurements you will want to duplicate as closely as possible. If you have a new lamp that needs a shade it can be helpful to try some different shades on that you already have to get an idea of the size that looks best. Keep in mind that you can always make adjustments by changing the harp size.

Our standard lamp shade sizes are:

Extra Small     5″ top x 16″ bottom x 10″slant    Recommended Harp Size 8″

Small                5″ top x 18″ bottom x 11″ slant   Recommended Harp Size 8″

Medium           6″ top x 20″ bottom x 12″ slant  Recommended Harp Size 8″

Large               6″ top x 24″ bottom x 14″ slant   Recommended Harp Size 10″

lamp shade height guide

Please note that the third measurement above is the slant length. If you were to place the shade on a table and measure straight up and down in the center of the shade (D in the illustration), the vertical heights are as follows:

Extra Small  8 ½” tall

Small 9 1/8” tall

Medium 9 7/8” tall

Large 10 7/8” tall

Drum Shades

Drum shades are generally thought of as a classic style shade. They can be used on most any kind of lamp if they are sized correctly. The look you may want to achieve can be determined by your paper choice and size. On a drum lamp shade the top and bottom rings are the same diameter. The side height is measured straight up and down from the top of the shade to the bottom.

The standard sizes for the handcrafted drum shades available through Rustic Artistry are 12”, 14” and 18” diameter.   Custom sizes can be requested.

How to Determine Harp Size

The harp holds the lamp shade to the lamp, and is removable.  If you can see an inch of lamp hardware below the shade, you may need to get a harp that is 1″ shorter. If your lamp shade hangs down too low and is covering up your lamp base, you need to get a taller harp that will raise the shade the appropriate amount. Don’t be afraid to play around, it’s important to get everything just right!

Lamp Shade Harp Size

Here are examples of the same rustic lamp with different shades and harp sizes:

12" x 8" shade with 6" harp

12″ x 8″ shade with 6″ harp

12" x 9" shade with 6" harp

12″ x 9″ shade with 6″ harp

16" diameter shade with 7" harp

16″ diameter shade with 7″ harp

18" diameter shade with 8" harp

18″ diameter shade with 8″ harp