Looking for Crow’s Nest Trading?

Sadly, Crow’s Nest Trading closed their doors a few years ago…
…but you’ve landed at Rustic Artistry, a wonderful alternate source for Western style furniture and decor. All items are handcrafted by individual artisans in the USA.

Were you looking for a Crow’s Nest catalog? Crow’s Nest used to publish a wonderful catalog, which many of us enjoyed looking through. Rustic Artistry doesn’t publish a printed catalog (it’s just toooo expensive to do) so please take a look at the website for options. You can also email or call me 908-248-4701.

Rustic Artistry is not affiliated with Crow’s Nest Trading. We don’t carry any of the merchandise that was sold through their catalog, but we do have fabulous handcrafted furniture and decor you might like. Use the menu to browse the site.