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  • Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer... Fireflies making a light show in your backyard. The smell of burgers on the grill. And the thwack of the screen door as your family goes in and out countless times. Let the breeze flow through your house with a wood screen door custom carved with a scene that has significance for your family. Choose from woodland animals like deer, elk, moose or bear.  Or request a scenic theme of a lake, trees, or mountains. Even summer activities like canoeing or campfires can be carved. Can be constructed so that the screens can be replaced with storm windows for year round comfort. Rustic Artistry's master carver, Ken, will take your idea and develop a concept sketch. Once you agree upon the design he'll get to work carving screen door panels, or a complete screen door, that will be unlike anyone else's. Click HERE to view examples and prices of carved screen doors and panels we've created for other happy homeowners to get your ideas started.  Then email or call Carole Rains, founder of Rustic Artistry, at 908-248-4701 to get started. Concept sketches are $200 which is applied towards the price of the door.  Custom carved wood  panels start at $425. Full doors with carvings from $575.
  • In addition to carved doors we can also create a carved frame to surround your door. Shown here with paw prints, but could also be done with leaves, geometric designs or other custom designs. Heron and bamboo carvings on door are for example only; not included with this listing. Door handle and hinges not included so that you can choose the style you prefer.
  • Hand carved insulated exterior door with scene of buck and doe grazing near the woods. Optional oak leaf and acorn valance is $1,100. We can also carve the opposite side, same design or different.
  • These decorative carved valances can be used to dress up a plain door or window, inside or out, or added to a carved door. Custom made for your desired size and artwork.  Price based on dimensions and complexity of the carving, starting at $400 for flat designs and $700 for highly dimensions ones like the acorn.  
  • A heron’s wings are spread as it takes off in flight.  

  • A buck leaps over a brook on this sturdy door with a window. (Hinges shown are not included, but can be provided.  

  • Two hungry bear cubs get a surprise on this charming door.

    This door itself is 2" thick, fully insulated, with several additional inches of dimension to the design, so that the beehive really curves out.  
  • A buck and doe graze in a field below a tree branch created with stained glass leaves in fall colors. These pretty leaves add a colorful image from inside the house too. Made of spruce and fully insulated.


  • Hand carved from spruce, this full panel door depicts a majestic eagle just before landing on a branch. Fully insulated.

  • The intricately carved moose on this door is so dimensional that the antlers extend out another 3" from the door itself. On the other side of the window, the antlers are visible, so that when you look out it appears as if a moose is walking by. The door and casing are made of pine. The top piece is twigged with various woods and white birch bark. The hoof print panel shown at the base depicts the design on the interior surround (trim). Fully insulated.


  • This intricately carved door is made from pine with multiple stains. It features a moose, osprey with fish and an otter. The side panels are decorated with bear paw prints. Fully insulated.

  • Custom designs start with a custom sketch based on your input. Sketches are $200 and include one revision.

    The fee for the concept sketch will be deducted from the price of the door.



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